... Looking for resistance welded quartz crystals (HC49U, HC52U) and/or blanks for various applications?...
If so, DELIPRO, s.r.o. might be the one you should contact.

DELIPRO is high volume quartz crystals manufacturer, located in Slovakia, striving to play an important role on the market through 100% customer satisfaction, excellent quality and service at very competetive prices.
We deliver:
- finished resistance welded crystals in HC49U and HC52U variations
- singly and doubly rotated quartz crystal blanks and wafers

Our crystal units are widely used in:
- telecommunication
- automotive industry
- measurement & automation devices
- ...and others
The volume of over 100 million of crystals made in this site since 1996, the quality of our teachers and our continuous effort to improve our products, processes and service are a good starting potent ion to fulfill also your needs.
Learn more about our growth and history here: History of Delipro

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